List of companies

I wonder about the wisdom of posting links to companies selling kits?

  • Lovecraft were always something of a joke - very poor quality products and questionable customer service.
  • As far as I know Elsbett (whos customer service was always a bit hit or miss) went bust and was bought by an English firm.
  • The website of Wolf had not changed for years and years.... and years, last time I checked.
  • VWP are very expensive - last I knew they were working on a single tank modifications with a tractor manufacturer. That was a few years back. There website has not been updated since.

Surely the point of this wiki is to give the share open knowledge to allow people to DIY not promote private companies, selling proprietary technology- especially when the info can quickly get out of date?

Having said that I did stick a link on for VWP :)

But I stand by the above statement

 --Darren 18:26, 1 September 2012 (PDT)
Fair question. I don't see the value of a list of companies, for its own sake - it begs for a "Let me google that for you" response, and a list says nothing about whether the companies are excellent, poor quality, or outright scammers. If a commercial site has valuable info and we link for the sake of the info, that's different.

So I removed that section (which included your VWP link, sorry!) I did leave in "Appropedia member Darren Hill's conversion garage" - more of a grey area, but I won't be the one to remove it, in the absence of discussion over policy here. The fact that it's an Appropedia community member counts for something, but we can have a discussion about whether the place is on an article, on a talk page, or in a forum.

(Btw, a reference won't display if it's placed below the footnotes section, so I moved that link out of the reference tags into the links section.) --Chriswaterguy 04:57, 23 October 2012 (PDT)