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Notes for Improvement[edit]

General Notes[edit]

  • Use the Practivistas Dominicana/Page template and criteria page for as a formatting template, and refer to it for specific grading criteria.
  • Missing sections (Operation/Maintenance, Conclusions & Team)
  • Update the "current shade structure" when you finish... or keep them both (before & after)?
  • If you would like to make an image with a caption include "thumb" in the code. Resizing can also be done by adding a pixel number (I used 600px for your main image)
  • Click edit on this page to see example:
Current Las Malvinas Community Center Shade Structure


  • Good start... keep this updated as project progesses DONE
  • Abstract should not contain any information that is not mentioned throughought the rest of the project page... it only summarizes (like a research paper) DONE


  • Add the local name of the community center in Las Malvinas DONE
  • Consider revising sentence structure DONE
  • Include information from abstract here... abstract should not contain any information that is not mentioned throughought the rest of the project page (like a research paper) DONE
  • Go into detail about "local materials" that are available here DONE

Problem Statement[edit]


  • Take out entire line for "Cells left-aligned, table centered" DONE

Final Design[edit]

  • Nice design! DONE
  • Add an introduction to this section. Discuss your final design. What materials did you decide on? For which parts? etc... DONE


  • Needs proposed completion column as well as an actual completion column NEEDS UPDATING


  • Good start - keep updated NEEDS UPDATING
  • Consider a total $US column DONE
  • Add any donations
  • Once budget is complete expand on your introduction

How To[edit]

  • I highly recommend revising your language in this section. Use descriptive language rather than prescriptive language. For example, in Step 2, describe how you harvested the bamboo rather than how to harvest bamboo. DONE
  • We should probably then delete the How To link to keep everything on your project page (reminder: your Lit Review will be moved to its own page)