Not quite sure what this article in this form has to do with appropiate technology. Maybe it will be more usefull when a organic farmer could fill in A LOT of details about how to raise pigs in a sustainable, disease "free", animal worthy way.

As in lay out of pig pen, ways of feeding and giving water, ways to handle manure... --comment by, {{{2}}}.

Thank you for your feedback. I believe that this page was started as a placeholder. Pages such as these should be more objective. Please feel free to add to the page material that would be more useful. I have marked the page with the stub template, so that other contributors know that this is a page needing content. Thank you, --Lonny 03:34, 9 April 2007 (PDT)

I removed the old content of this page, and replaced it with new content, because I found the old not at all useful. I am pasting the old content here, in case someone else thinks it is useful:

"Hogs are easy enough to raise. They eat about anything - wish I had a Chinese restaurant next door - I would have done a deal for food scraps in trade for choice on a piglet or two.

I bought a pair of weened piglets for US$50, grew them out over six months, put one in the freezer (US$200 butcher fee) and bred the other (US$100 stud fee). Got seven piglets weened in a couple of months. Put mama in the freezer (US$250 butcher fee) and sold all but one piglet (-US$150), bringing me back to square one.

Don't know that I broke even financially, but it was alot of fun, and very sustainable, and the bacon alone is worth every cent. Butchering my own would have saved a bundle. Will try that maybe next time. US$400 plus feed for over 500 pounds of the best pork around - and I definitely spent more then US$200 for feed, probably works out to about the same price as store-bought.

Pigs are smart, smarter than most dogs, better mannered too. Growing one or two is OK, but I wouldn't want to raise a hundred of them. Make sure you have good strong fence."

I think that this page should be called "Swine" or "Pigs" because "Hog" is not a globally used term. —The preceding comment was added by Rdenney (talkcontribs) 21:34, 14 April 2008

Thank you for your great work on this page. I will move it now. Some citations would be quite useful on the page as well. Thank you for your work on this, --Lonny 23:33, 14 April 2008 (PDT)