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I'm curious about sources for Thermax, Tuff-R, etc... I can't find them at any of my local hardware stores, and when I contacted Dow directly, they said that they didn't even have any distributors for the stuff on the west coast. The closer to Los Angeles the better. Cheers!

Most of the home depot stores in SD sell most thicknesses of thermasheath 3. I am using the 1" thick panels, which were $18 each at the store, but got a 25% discount. It's just tough to pull out panels in decent condition.

My Hexayurt Construction Project[edit source]

I am building my own Hexayurt after seeing them at Burning Man. I am a camper, outdoors man, and amateur doomsday prepper who has had too many tents and canopies destroyed by high winds. With a little difficulty, I have purchased 12 undamaged Thermax panels and have constructed the walls using the Camp Danger hinges with bi-directional tape covered with aluminum tape. I have not cut the door out yet because I am toying with the idea of making a sandwich of very thin plywood over the panel I will designate as the door panel. I am also toying with the idea of framing that panel with aluminum C-channel for added strength. I am trying to be unrushed about this in order to do a good job and build something I can be proud of and will last a good long time. For my next block of free time I plan to cut the roof panels, tape the edges with aluminum foil tape and build the roof cone. I have an idea about ventilation and making it a one person job to set up (in non-windy conditions). As a teaser the idea is to make the roof cone sort of an oversized umbrella with a removable handle that will turn into a vent pipe at the apex.