How can we share the Physical Sources we need for Production?

And how can we share without accidentally becoming one of the same beasts we currently fight (facebook, Google, etc.).

We need a detailed description of what to do and what not to do at each step so we can finally create a business model that is better than *either* of Capitalism or Corporatism.

This "Code of Conduct" would be a legal document that members of any group could apply to any material assets they intend to share.

But we will need to simplify our analysis to find what we have been doing wrong and how to correct it.

So let's start with just 2 people and see what we can discover:

Hmm... If 2 people are sharing some tangible object (say a computer), is there such a thing as profit?

The 2 people must pay for the costs to purchase, install, maintain, etc. the machine.

But I don't think they pay profit - for who would they pay it to?

Also, they do not 'earn' Profit, but are instead paid in 'Product'. Their ROI is the very output of that production. In other words, they are owning and working for Use-Value alone.

Ahhh, but if a 3rd person appears that does not yet have ownership, we can charge him more than real costs and thereby extract Profit.

Now, he could have avoided paying Profit if he just had the ownership needed to protect him...

So if he could gain some property of his own - let's say we used some of that Profit he just paid toward the purchase of another computer that he and other late-comers would eventually co-own.

Treating profit as the payer's investment creates a negative-feedback loop that auto-levels resource allocation (growth only occurs during overbidding, and overbidding only occurs when growth is truly needed), distributes control to those who are willing to pay for it (in the end those who are willing to work for it), and safely drives Profit toward 0 while also creating a basis for production withou fear of automation or unemployment.

is this about anything? Joeturner 09:34, 11 March 2013 (PDT)