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Initial feedback[edit source]

Hi Team,

Nice start. I think you need a little more work figuring out the scope of your project over the next week. In the background section, please do more to describe the current state of the system. Please also include more internal links and more background information such as the semester, your team, etc.

Thanks, --


This looks really good. I would suggest a subsection on ware and tear/ maintenance on solar panels and any climate concerns. We have a lot of the salt in the air here, which can cause issues for solar panels. Also, an addition on how to figure our angles and locations of the panels.

Great start, Rebecca Stark (grader)

Criteria[edit source]

Hello Team,

Your criteria could use some more work. The DC appliances constant is very unclear, re-think it. What do you mean by functionality, you described what a solar panel does, I would suggest changing it to efficiency and making you constrain something like more energy is better.I would also change your criteria Legibility, Readability, and Comprehension. This could be included in your education criteria with and additional sentence saying that all educational material must be understood by the general public. Your constraints should also state whether more or less is better, for example for cost less is better.

Rebecca Stark (grader)

Optional Draft Feedback[edit source]

Hello, Team,

It looks you guys have a lot more work to do. You currently have a lot of elements missing. Be sure to go back and make sure you have at least added in all the sections even if they are blank. What you have is pretty well done. Try to make your background pictures larger.In general avoid saying "our" and use the instead, for example the project not our project. It helps it sound more professional by distancing yourselves. Check you Lit review to be sure every section has a source. Avoid your opinion in the lit review. You should move your criteria into the problem statement section. I would also add a quick sentence at the top of the lit review to just say what it is. In general more pictures is better. I think you need to step of the work at this point to finish. Keep working hard.

Rebecca Stark (grader)