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Talk:CCAT MEOW 2015

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- Be sure to use the format used when linking names: refer to background section

- In literature review add some writing to link ideas and evidence together, not just listing evidence in quotations

Feedback sections/template[edit source]

Nice work so far. See below for comments on some sections:

  • Abstract
    • sentence structure needs improvement
  • Background
    • Good section just add that it was in the Spring 2015 semester
    • Add some information about northern California and where Humboldt State is located
  • Problem statement
  • Criteria
    • weighted criteria table should be in descending order of importance
    • Look over the constraints for maintainability, ease of use, and educational value once more
  • Literature Review
    • Make sure to put this section before the timeline and after criteria
    • Add some own discussion of information found instead of listing resources you have found
  • Construction
    • Include more detail in construction steps.
    • Number steps
    • Make sure to include this after literature review and before timeline
  • Timeline
    • Center timeline table on the screen
  • Costs
    • Be sure to include the total spent compared to the actual cost in table
  • Operation
    • Include link to MEOW page as well as brief table of steps explaining its operation
  • Maintenance
    • Include this section
  • Schedule
    • Not listed
  • Conclusion
    • Grammar mistakes, look over
  • Testing results
  • Discussion
  • Lessons learned
  • Next steps
  • Troubleshooting
  • Team

  • References
    • Looks good