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Talk:CCAT's Vermicomposting Bin

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Good start. I added some wiki bullets and numbering to aid in your formatting. I was not sure if you remembered how to do this, sorry if you have some plan... just revert to your last edit.

We need to move your page to Somename Vermicomposting Bin. Currently it is under Appropedia:User_preferences_help. I can do that, if you want.

Is this bin in use?

Keep up the good work, Lonny 02:21, 26 April 2006 (PDT)

Article title: CCAT Vermicomposting Bin[edit]

Hey, to follow the article naming guidelines on the main page of <Organization/Location> <Project Description>, shouldn´t this article be named ¨CCAT Vermicomposting Bin¨?

I made several language changes on this article (which I really like, especially the cool pentagonal shape, BTW). I hope the author likes the changes and am curious to hear back!