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Good afternoon[edit source]

hallo everybody users of site I not so a long ago I am vBurlington and so, that I divided with magnificent a man, Green- Michelleon, and now try to find him, last that I know so it that he lives in citi, and often vi sits the resources of type your, in a network likes to utillize the namePresidentkon , if suddenly will see this nik write that this man knocked in my icq . I very much I am sad without socializing with this man.To reason wanted to say thank you to the collective your resource. So to hold boys. Only little request of,sdelayte so that better embarked on dial-up connection

differences... information... a perspective...[edit source]

San Fran.. 89 .... 7.0 ..... 63 humans deaded maybe.......

Haiti... 2010 .... 7.0 ..... maybe.... 500,000 humans leave... tragic. : /