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Naming of this and other associated pages[edit source]

I was wondering whether you could move the pages:

  • 3-D printing to 3D printing
  • Open_source_3-D_printing_of_OSAT to 3D_printing_of_OSAT
  • Open_source_3-D_printers to 3D_printers

KVDP 00:37, 12 April 2013 (PDT)

I will make forwards for all the pages you requested.
Ok thanks, but if possible, try to move the pages instead to the new names, the 3-D in the name (aswell as the "open source", but that to a smaller extent) seem akward.

KVDP 00:37, 12 April 2013 (PDT)

We dont want to move them -- the open source is the most important part -- people that use closed source tools including software limit other people's ability to replicate their work - and that is what Appropedia is all about. When people search for 3d the get sent to 3-D so I dont see the problem.
Is it possible to then atleast move the 3-D printing page to 3D printing and Open_source_3-D_printing_of_OSAT, Open_source_3-D_printers to respectively Open_source_3D_printing_of_OSAT, Open_source_3D_printers. I actually do think the "3-D" in the name is a problem, mostly because it makes the article look unprofessional, and not in line with wikipedia (that does use the term 3D printing).
Regarding the "Open-source" in the name: I actually agree on this, but the term "open source" is used incorrectly here. A 3D printer is hardware, so it should be labelled "open design" instead (open source is a term only used with software). So you could rename it to Open_design_3D_printing_of_OSAT and Open_design_3D_printers if you like. I just proposed to shorten it alltogether to 3D_printing_of_OSAT, 3D_printers simply because the "open design" in the name doesn't really 'sound' right. Both issues may seem futile (and perhaps it is), but than again that could make the difference in attaining many visitors on the page or little.

KVDP 00:37, 12 April 2013 (PDT)