What about adding my own content to Appropedia?[edit | edit source]

If someone suggests you release your content on Appropedia, this means:

  • you own the rights to the work (i.e. it's not a news article, or the property of your employee, or otherwise restricted)
  • you place it onto Appropedia (by creating or editing a new page and pasting it in, or contacting someone for help if it needs to be ported from a different format)
  • by doing this you release the work under Appropedia's Copyrights policy (CC-by-sa). You retain all the rights you always had, but you now share most of those rights with others.

You can certainly create and share graphs, maps, diagrams, audio, and video you make yourself. If you create media for any of the following, you can share it:

  • Natural landscapes, animals, and plants
  • Public figures and people in public places
  • Objects, so long as they aren't "artistic" (no pictures of sculptures, art, or even brand logos)

Remember, as the creator of the image, you're agreeing to share your own work under the licensing terms we've previously described.

See more[edit | edit source]

For more on the benefits and importance of releasing your content, see:

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