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The Gupta State Failure Management Archive is a 4.3gb archive of Vinay Gupta's work on State Failure centered around the Simple Critical Infrastructure Maps model.

This page is Public Domain (not GFDL) in keeping with the license of the material in the GSFMA. Please note that this will apply to any additions you make to this page. Anything you add here may be repurposed, added to future versions of the archive etc.


A GSFMA Primer[edit | edit source]

Start here[edit | edit source]

START_HERE__Dealing_in_Security__Simple_Critical_Infrastructure_Maps__July2010.pdf[edit | edit source]

speaks for itself. Do start here. This file is CC licensed NON-COMMERCIAL USE, please note that.

Our needs are what's not optional. Infrastructure is how we solve our needs. Infrastructure can be understood in areas (too hot, too cold, etc) and in layers (self, household, etc). Infrastructure is needed by individuals (to stay alive) and by groups, organisations and states (to stay functioning, ie providing their basic services). Here you'll find a basic vocabulary around these concepts.

The Future We Deserve at Winchester - an overview[edit | edit source]

The_Future_We_Deserve__Winchester_School_of_Art__6May2011_1of2.m4v[edit | edit source]

(600mb) – general overview of my work, and our position

The_Future_We_Deserve__Winchester_School_of_Art__6May2011_2of2.m4v[edit | edit source]

(600mb) – second part of the talk, and Q&A

The_Future_We_Deserve__Winchester_School_of_Art__6May2011_slides.pdf[edit | edit source]


basic infrastructure resources[edit | edit source]

emergency_shelter__The_Hexayurt_in_Haiti__Summer_2010.pdf[edit | edit source]

basic overview of a tough hexayurt

how_to_buy_food_for_disasters__Reykjavik__2008.pdf[edit | edit source]

simple, very, very easy food shopping – can be improved!

STAR_TIDES__BIG_OVERVIEW.pdf[edit | edit source]

appropriate technology and infrastructure theory from STAR-TIDES

STAR_TIDES__SMALL_OVERVIEW.pdf[edit | edit source]

a little more infrastructure theory, from a brochure

organizational theory[edit | edit source]

Observe_Orient_Decide_Act_OODA_2x2.pdf[edit | edit source]

Boyd’s OODA loop for organizations[edit | edit source]

organizational theory for non-traditional partnerships, taken from civ/mil cooperation

why_nothing_works_the_Goat_Rodeo_Index.pdf[edit | edit source]

on the limits of collaboration when people are not properly aligned at a psychological level

Modeling_State_Failure_With_SCIM__Greenhouse_Ireland__29Sep2010.m4v[edit | edit source]

(390mb) – hardcore mortality analysis of a failed state scenario

strategic_complexity_framework_for_dummies.pdf[edit | edit source]

light relief, but also vital

Cities[edit | edit source]

The Free City State[edit | edit source]

The_Free_City_State_Urban_Governance__The_Really_Free_School_London__Spring2011.mp3[edit | edit source]


The_Free_City_State_Urban_Governance__The_Really_Free_School_London__Spring2011__warmup_chat.mp3[edit | edit source]

(2) a new model of municipal governance which helps decentralize the power of the Mayor.

The Living City - urban resilience for big cities[edit | edit source][edit | edit source]

(100mb) – US Urban Resilience analysis we did for Arup. Focuses on cold weather grid stability and pharmaceutical supply chain management

The_Living_City_on_US_Urban_Resilience__Arup_London__Nov2009_slides.pdf[edit | edit source]

– slides

Through the Looking Glass - quickly model large scale risks[edit | edit source]

Estimating mass mortality in the event of a complete collapse. Gives a good overview of the SCIM methodology as a risk estimating tool. Ireland's worst-case mortality appears to be around 3%.

Through_the_Looking_Glass__Greenhouse_Ireland__27Sep2010.mp4[edit | edit source]

(300mb) – how many groups can cooperate to provide essential services in a crisis scenario. introduces the concept of AIAC.

Through_the_Looking_Glass__Greenhouse_Ireland__27Sep2010_slides.pdf[edit | edit source]

– slides[edit | edit source]

– long range, large scale thinking on natural disasters, including the seeds of what later became SCIM.

web site archives[edit | edit source]

These are static images of my various web sites as they were on 6 August 2011. Each will need to be unzipped into its own directory, and should be fully browseable. Search etc. will not work, you'll need to use and ordinary file search tool on your local computer.[edit | edit source]

– web site archive[edit | edit source]

– an archive of this blog, up until yesterday.[edit | edit source]

– web site archive[edit | edit source]

– web site archive

unsorted[edit | edit source]

Time_to_Stop_Pretending__Uncivilisation_Dark_Mountain_Festival__29May2010.mp4[edit | edit source]

– a little on the global situation

Vinay_Gupta_and_Mike_Bennett_Collapsonomics__Uncivilisation_Dark_Mountain_Festival__30May2010.mp3[edit | edit source]

– a briefing on how pre-existing cultural faultlines can be just as dangerous as geological faultlines

TheGuptaStateFailureManagementArchive.tar[edit | edit source]

– the tar file which contains all these files