This category is for the various awards, prizes and competitions available for inventions or research which helps sustainability or tackles poverty. Some examples include:

  • The Virgin Earth ChallengeW sponsored by Al Gore and Richard Branson, offers a prize of USD 25 million (EUR19.2 million at the time of offer) to any individual to come up with a commercially viable system for removing at least 1 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year from the Earth's atmosphere.
  • Grainger Challenge Prize for Sustainability (run by the United States National Academy of EngineeringW (NAE) supported by the Grainger Foundation). A $1 million prize - in 2007, it was awared for the Sono filter,W a workable, sustainable, economical, point-of-use water treatment system for arsenic-contaminated groundwater.
  • Automotive X PRIZE. Prize in excess of $10 million sponsored by private X PRIZEW foundation for vehicle that wins long distance stage race and achieves 100 MPG.
  • Rolex AwardW

Other prizes and competitions[edit | edit source]

These awards are general in scope rather than specifically about sustainability or poverty, but winners do often cover these issues:

  • One Billion Minds is self described as "a powerful open innovation platform connecting Students and Alumni from top universities to Corporations and Non Profits looking to discover innovative solutions to challenging problems in Business, Technology and Social Innovation. The best minds and ideas don’t necessarily reside within the organization. Corporations and Non Profits increasingly look outside organizational boundaries to identify ideas and people that can create bridges for them to their future. The One Billion Minds mission is to engage a billion young people to change the world by solving real problems posed by Corporations and Non Profits." Prizes up to 500, 000 INR ~ 11,000 USD. You can link to One Billion minds here.

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