In a nutshell[edit | edit source]

Localpedia's aim is to compile a list of questions and objective answers about this territory's real resources and possibilities, in terms of water, food, energy and other basic systems, to then convert the data into understandable magnitudes ("grams of potatoes produced by person and per day").

That way, anyone can stand firmly on real and understandable data to think about how to face crises or en how to contribute to creating abundance.

More details about the project[edit | edit source]

The idea is to collect questions and answers, around basic issues, about each "place". It could be the Canary Islands, each island - or your place. The basic issues are people, territory, water, food, energy, transport. This information would be objective like in wikipedia, but centered around questions related to appropriate technology, developement, etc like in appropedia. One defining quality of information is it would be in easily understood units: it's difficult to grasp millions of kilograms of food per year, and easier to talk about grams per person and per day.

A wiki is a practical place to start this, but it's not the most convenient way. Extra "features" are needed to signal areas that need more questions - and questions that need rephrasing, sources, information or recalculation. Perhaps it's a matter of using tricks already available in wikimedia (the software that runs wikipedia and appropedia), or maybe it's better to develop specific software for this.


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