This category is the umbrella category for helper categories. Helpers are Appropedia users that are willing to make themselves expressly available to other users for help either online at Appropedia or offline on some Appropedia-related project. An example of offline help could be testing a "how-to" article by going through the steps to whether the article provides enough details.

Note that there are many anonymous helpers as well, folks who might improve the formatting, categorization or external links associated with an article.

Seeking helpers[edit | edit source]

If you are looking for help in a particular area, find a member below, follow the link to their "user talk page" and leave a note; they will receive an email. It's perfectly acceptable to leave notes on the pages of more than one volunteer at a time.

If you are looking for help, but you don't find a category that matches your needs, please leave a note in the section below. Someone probably has the skill you need, but is unaware that others need the help.

Helpers sought[edit | edit source]

Willing helpers[edit | edit source]

If you are willing to provide a particular kind of help, please add the appropriate category to your user page, and ensure that the system knows your email address. If you don't see a category that fits, please create a new category that does fit.

Creating a new helper category[edit | edit source]

To create a new category, simply tag yourself with the new category by adding the following "category tag" to your user page: [[Category:MyHelperCategory]]</nowiki] Once you have saved your user page with the new category tag, you will see a link to the new category page at the bottom of your user page. If it truly is a new category, then the link will be red, indicating that the page has no text. Even categories that already "exist" (in the sense that there are already pages tagged with the category) will have red links if they do not have any text on the respective category page. Clicking on a red category link will show you an automatically generated page with links to the tagged pages, and you will have the opportunity to add text to that category page. At a minimum, the new category page should be tagged as being in this Helper category so that others can find it via this page. Please add the helper tag by inserting this at the new category page: <nowiki>[[Category:Helpers]] It would also be great, if you create a new helper category, to add (to the new category page) a description of the kind of help that members of the new category would be expected to provide.

Create a template for the new helper category[edit | edit source]

Ideally, users can tag themselves as helpers by adding a nice banner template to their user page. (I will work on that soon: CurtB 15:56, 13 April 2010 (UTC))

Make sure you can be contacted[edit | edit source]

The usual way for others to contact you is for them to leave a note on your "user talk" page. The system will automatically include your user talk page among your "watched pages", as long as you have entered your email address in the system and validated that address. When a change is made to your watched pages, the system will send an email to you (unless you already have a pending notification outstanding). When you receive a notification email, you should log in and check the page (in this context, your user talk page) that has changed. (If you don't log in, the system will treat the notification as still outstanding, and will not send future notifications about that page.)

Once you have entered and validated your email address, users will also have the option of clicking on the "email this user" link that appears in the left hand column when viewing user pages for users with validated email addresses. Clicking on this link does not share your email address; instead it opens a form that allows a user to write an email to you.

These mechanisms allow you to be emailed without exposing your email address. However, you are certainly free to share your email address openly on your user page.


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