Construction manual of a bucketpump Developed in cooperation with Codéart and the workshops-schools of Camp Perrin

Philippe Carlier Project engineer ISF

Guide to manufacture a bucketpump[1] Collection "Technical Manuals"

Manual directed by ISF with the support of the Directorate-General for International Cooperation (DGCI)

Ingénieurs Assistance Internationale - Ingénieurs sans Frontières 2002 Avenue du Marly, 48, 1120 Brussels - Belgium

We thank all the people without whom this book could have not seen the light of day, and in particular: John Franco and Sprumont Gattigo (AECP), Roger Loozen (Codéart) and Didier Beaufort (COTA).

Bucketpump construction manual ISFAIA image 1.jpg

Technical sheet Max. pumping speed: > 20 l/min Max. working depth: > 60 m Pumping speed/working depth: depending on the depth of wells: see graph Drivetrain: manual but can be powered with minor modifications. Use: rather reserved for domestic use Maintenance: only lubrication of bearings (optional) Features: low cost manufacturing, technical, simple manufacturing, robust Shelf life: > 5 years with intensive use

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Bucketpump -->continuous bucket pump ? Is this a continuous bucketpump (see Comparison_of_pumps?, if so, name should be change to keep article coherence troughout appropedia

is this opensource?[edit source]

the licensing is not clear. Joeturner 03:29, 17 April 2013 (PDT)

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