You're encouraged to let people know about your sustainable business, on your user page and where you have reason to think they might be interested. This is a good way to publicize your business to people who care about green living and sustainable development.

Please don't market aggressively. We're here to enable and empower ourselves and each other, so please put time into sharing your information and wisdom, and helping others, as well as respectfully and helpfully letting people know about your own particular group/company/cause.


Where to start[edit source]

Adding a page on Appropedia isn't hard, but you'll need to follow some simple steps.

  1. Search for the new title with the Go button. When the search finds nothing, click on the red link "create this page".
  2. Create a link as usual, then save the page. Clicking on the redlink allows you to start editing the new page (don't forget to save).

For this and for more options, you can always click Create a page, which is in the left navigation bar.

We hope you'll let us know on Appropedia what your business is doing for sustainability!