Wiki - SAMPLE[edit | edit source]

Our wiki needs a facelift. We're looking for people who want to work on the following things - keeping in mind that we're tied to the Mediawiki platform at this point.

  • Redesign our site skin - Appropedia needs a facelift. Taken - User:Smallaxe
    • Work with Appropedia administrators to define and deploy a new colorscheme, layout
    • Standards-compliant CSS
    • Translateable, internationalizable
    • Accessible - displays cleanly in text-based browsers, prints out nicely / exports to PDF in a pleasant manner, can be handled by screen readers
  • Adapt a form plugin - take the code (open-source) from WikiHow's form functionality and wrap it into an easy-to-install Mediawiki plugin. Not Appropedia-specific - a lot of groups want this - but we definitely want to deploy it on this specific site in a widespread manner.
    • We'll provide server/hosting space and testers.
    • Contact insertnamehere if interested

Forums[edit | edit source]

  • Install and configure forums
    • Must have cross-login with the wiki (with wiki as master if possible) - openID is one option that was discussed
    • Must have the option of having a "private" forum (in a separate installation, if need be) where only a small subset of "approved" users can view/edit
    • Must use open-source software
    • We'll provide the server space and testers.
    • Contact insertnamehere if interested

Mailing lists[edit | edit source]

  • Install and configure mailing lists
    • We need two discussion lists for now - appropedia-admin and appropedia-discuss, and an announcement list at appropedia-announce.
    • Needs the option of making list archives private (appropedia-admin) or public (everything else).
    • Archives should be accessible via site (wiki) main search.
    • Contact insertnamehere if interested
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