OAN (Open Architecture Network) needs content on construction materials and methods. Thoughts:

  • Using Appropedia content creates much more synergy - more contributors, from different perspectives, and starting from an existing knowledge base which can be improved, with a dedicated community focused on this model of knowledge sharing. This means better quality content (with enough eyes every bug is shallow - this applies to content as well as code.)
  • Use MediaWiki's API (see API) to allow OAN to embed Appropedia content and allow editing from within the OAN site. This is now possible with the version of MediaWiki used by Appropedia - it is just a matter of setting it up as desired within the OAN site..
  • There are other solutions to achieve the same thing (e.g. <iframe>…</iframe> tags?) though it may be that they use more system resources.
  • A wiki is constantly changing, but overall this should be a change in a positive direction. We have found this to work well in Appropedia.
  • If it's felt that there is too much change (poor quality edits that need to be reverted) then "Flagged revisions" could be used and OAN could embed the "approved" version. This does mean more work and a commitment to reviewing edits.
  • OAN needs a consistent format. This is possible (and probably desirable) within the wiki. See Appropedia:Page structure
  • OAN has expressed that the topic titles they will use are fixed.
  • In embedding pages of a certain topic name, if the Appropedia name is different, then a redirect will ensure the correct page is displayed.
  • There is the option of locking pages against page moves.
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