Help here is mostly taken from Pywikipedia-L. It can be copied or transwikied to Meta later.

Restricting namespaces[edit | edit source]

Use the -namespace:n namespace parameter n the command, e.g. -namespace:4 for the "Appropedia:" namespace.

Number of namespace to process. The parameter can be used multiple times. It works in combination with all other parameters except for the -start parameter. (If you want to change all pages in a particular namespace, add the namespace prefix; for example, -start:User:!.) (from #Local

  • 0 Main
  • 1 Talk
  • 2 User
  • 3 User talk
  • 4 Appropedia
  • 5 Appropedia talk
  • 100 Portal
  • 101 Portal talk
  • 102 Original
  • 103 Original talk
  • 104 Layout (legacy of Uniwiki extensions.)
  • 105 Layout talk

Or, to find what a namespace's number is, go to Special:Allpages, choose a namespace, click "go", then look for the "namespace=" at the end of the url.

Inserting an exclamation mark & other problematic characters[edit | edit source]

An exclamation mark has a special meaning for some terminals, related to command history. This can be a problem when inserting it using

Fix 1[edit | edit source]

This works for any character or string:

For characters you can not properly insert in the command line (might include line breaks in certain situations, "!"and the (C) copyright symbol), create a Template on the wiki which included just that character or string, (and bits for documentation and categorization) and use {{subst:TemplateName}} in your replace text. where TemplateName is something simple. You might use a different one for each string, or a single one, e.g. Template:tempstring which you change each time you have an issue. (e.g. {{subst:\n}} and {{subst:(C)}}). You could try creating a Template:ExMark which has just a ! in it (and bits for documentation and categorization), and then use {{subst:ExMark}}.

Fix 2[edit | edit source]

For just the exclamation mark:

Disable the history search features in bash :

Add :

set +o histexpand

at the bottom of ~/.bashrc,

source ~/.bashrc

and your problem should be fixed.

Fix 3[edit | edit source]

Use HTML entities, e.g. ! for "!".

This has the downside that these codes will appear in the wiki markup.

E.g. python -cat:"The Transition Handbook" "-- Please do not remove " "!-- Please do not remove "

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