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Appropedia:Political campaign prohibition

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This is a proposed Appropedia policy. You can edit it, or discuss it on the talk page or at the Appropedia policy discussion page.
For now, this should be considered an essay by one or more Appropedians, and not as a policy or guideline.

As an organization seeking 501(c)(3) status, The Appropedia Foundation is prohibited from engaging in several activities. The items below were taking from the Instructions for Form 1023, which is the form used to request exemption from US Federal taxes.

A 501(c)(3) Organization must:

  • Absolutely refrain from participating in the political campaigns of candidates for local, state, or federal office.
  • Restrict its legislative activities.

Note that the document also states:

Organizations may involve themselves in issues of public policy without being engaged in legislative activity.

Appropedia will disallow any content that explicitly favors any candidate or specific piece of legislation. Templates will be created for the purpose of tagging articles with such content, and a speedy process will be used for removal of content deemed to be in violation.