How we might use semantic and parser functions:

  • AS A potential donor to tech projects in aid or sustainability, concerned about the sometimes gimmicky aid projects I see, I WANT to know which projects are most cost-effective, SO THAT I get maximum bang for my buck.
    • SEMANTIC SOLUTION? All technologies with a "first year cost" and "ongoing cost" can be compared and sorted by these values, while also keeping an eye on other important criteria.
  • AS A food grower (commercial or private) I WANT to know which crops grow best in my climate and my soil, and how much they yield (in food value and commercial value) SO THAT I can choose and plan my crops.
    • SEMANTIC SOLUTION? Search for my soil type and climate, output yield ranges, to create a list of potential crops.
  • AS AN Appropedia community manager, I WANT to be able to generate a page of volunteer positions, with the position description, the project description, and the position's status (proposed, position open, in progress, project finished) SO THAT interested people can find opportunities and ideas for working with us.
    • SEMANTIC SOLUTION? This might be relatively easy. Each volunteer is given a small set of semantic values, by listing it in an infobox in its primary listing location. These values can then be extracted semantically into an easy-to-view table.
  • AS A permaculturist, I WANT to look up elements of my permaculture system and check the inputs and outputs SO THAT I can ensure that inputs and outputs are balanced, to maximize the efficiency and productivity of the system, and maintain the balance of the ecology.
    • SEMANTIC SOLUTION? (We have permaculture now, but it feels unwieldy and requires the creation of additional an pages for each field, for each page.) With semantic/parser extensions...?
  • AS someone in a specific location looking for local resources I WANT to find local people, projects and resources that meet my needs SO THAT I can minimize expenditure (of resources, money and effort) and maximize efficiency.
  • AS A gardener and cook, I WANT to know which plants to choose from when I want edible flowers, edible leaves, etc. SO THAT I can have a wider and more interesting range of plants in my garden and foods in my kitchen.
    • SEMANTIC SOLUTION? Pages about plants can have tags for edible parts. Then there could be pages that list, for example, plants with edible leaves and roots. Could it list plants with more than one edible part?
  • AS A user with an interest in a specific kind of project in a specific location I WANT to search for projects [or how tos] in the same area of design (e.g. urban agriculture) and the same of equivalent region (e.g. highlands of Peru, or tropical highlands.
    • SEMANTIC SOLUTION? SMW can allow us to automatically generate lists of page types that meet a set of 2 or more criteria.[verification needed] This could be useful in portal pages and navigation templates, (including a portal box template, a kind of mini portal for placing on topic pages. It could also reduce the need for increasingly specific categories (e.g. balcony gardens in Sydney, or greywater treatment systems in Ecuador).
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