Aim: to collect a set of inspiring open licensed images to form a slideshow. The Pecha KuchaW model is 20 slides of 20 seconds each, which helps the speaker keep a lively pace.

If possible, all images should be under an open license compatible with Appropedia. (CC-BY-SA, CC-BY, public domain, GFDL and Free Art License(?) are compatible for images[verification needed])

The images can be specific or abstract (a mixture might be good) as long as they clearly related to themes we would want to talk about. Here are some ideas for images (the numbers don't represent a fixed order, and some points could be split and have two images):

  1. Library of Alexandria (one or two of Chriswaterguy's images). Talk about: Wealth of knowledge, Impact of learning
  2. Open Knowledge: making this available to all (picture of someone in a remote location, maybe with an OLPCW XO). Talk about: "Open Knowledge" is open source, but for knowledge. Accessibility, freedom, sharing.
  3. Thrivability (ask Jean Russell). Renewable energy pics, or thriving organic crops... Talk about: The world we want.
  4. Sid from Toy Story. Talk about: Information literacy (is that a term?) and disclaimers. Know what kind of information you're using. And the question we're dealing with is: How do we distinguish the solid, relatively reliable content from the risky content? the "Debian GNU/Linux" operating system has "Sid" as its bleeding edge version that changes every day. Does anyone know what Firefox calls its Beta version? "Minefield" [cue image - nothing too distressing]. And one kind of Linux puts its disclaimer right there in its name: "CrunchBang Linux".
  5. Biogas,
    Gerardo on digester
    (Gerardo on digester); Talk about: feedback, exposure, building on knowledge
  6. Community/team/swarm: An image from OSNCamp[1] or an abstract picture of a swarm, or a team. (what image will convey who we are and convey an idea/emotion that people want to be part of? Belonging, respect...) Talk about:
  7. Collaboration: Talk about: the foundation and community, mention editors & different roles
  8. Education, service learning. Talk about: two way impact on students, and by students
  9. Interns: A travel intern pic (Carrie or Liz on their journey) Talk about:
  10. Real world impact: CommunityCreatedHumboldt[2] shows discussion phase, but we want phase (too); a Nut Sheller pic preferably one in use, even the standard Wikipedia image, in use in Uganda). Talk about: people using Appropedia info, not just nut sheller but first flush diverters, biogas digesters...

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