Template:Prop guideline

This is just an idea - open to change or being discarded if it doesn't work.

This is an idea for how to apply the principles of Appropedia:Rigor to Appropedia's articles - especially how tos and topic articles.

Key facts should form the main structure of the article. Actions which follow from a fact are placed (perhaps in bullet points) under that fact.

A first attempt has been made at Control of head lice.

Rationale[edit | edit source]

It is hoped this approach will be more educational and empowering, giving people the knowledge they need rather than a set of rules they don't understand.

Don't follow if you don't want[edit | edit source]

This is not always suitable. Do not to use this approach if it makes the article harder to read or the instructions harder to follow.

If it only seems to work for part of the article (some points don't fit into the structure) that's okay - use it for part of the article.

If trying to follow this guideline takes you much longer, gives you a headache or means you don't enjoy contributing, then don't follow it. Someone else may modify the structure later you think it should be possible

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