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To start an article in Appropedia:


Enter name and click button to start a page about a specific topic:

Or enter name and click button to start a page about a specific project:

Or, to begin a page draft which can be moved to the main part of Appropedia later, see Appropedia:Incubator and enter your pagename there.

Detailed instructions

There are two main ways to create a page:

  1. Search for the new title with the Go button. When the search finds nothing, click on the red link "create this page".
  2. Create a link as usual, then save the page. Clicking on the redlink allows you to start editing the new page (don't forget to save).
  3. If you want a prefilled page (with suggested headings etc), decide on the name and enter it in the appropriate box - for a #Topic page or #Project page.

Experimenting - use the "Sandbox"

NOTE: Following the instructions on this page will create a page in the main part of the wiki. If you want to experiment with writing something random on a wiki, you're welcome to do that at the Sandbox.

Detailed instructions

  • Type the name of the new page in the search field to the left.
    • Use a clear and descriptive name, in lower case except for proper names, and avoid these symbols: & # < > [ ] | { } (see Help:Page naming for details)
  • Click Go.
  • If there is no page titled with that name, you can create the page by clicking create this page under search results.
  • Add information. Do not worry about formatting or completeness if you are not sure how to do it. Others will help and changes are easily made. Be BOLD.
  • Please put at least one category tag at the end, for example: [[Category:Renewable energy]]. If you're not sure which category to use, you can add {{catneeded}}, which will ask for other users to help choose categories. If you're keen, you might want to browse the categories, or create a new one if there isn't a similar one already.
  • Click Show preview to see what you have created.
  • If you would like be alerted when someone makes a change to this page, select Watch this page.
  • Add a Summary and click Save Page when you are satisfied. Come back as often as you like, to make changes.

Starting with a pre-filled page

These tools below may be helpful.

(If you accidentally try creating a page that already exists, it won't overwrite the page - it will just fill the edit box with the existing page instead - if you're not sure, check and the "page" tab will be a blue link instead of a red link).

Project page

First, browse the Projects articles and subcategories for examples, and check for collaboration opportunities, i.e. articles similar to what you're considering writing. Once you're ready to create your own page:

  • Type a proposed name for the new Projects page in the following create box, and click "Create article".
  • When the edit window opens, there will be some preliminary sample text with comments as hints. Add information about your Projects. Do not worry about formatting or completeness, as others will help and changes are easily made. Be BOLD.

This starts you off with lots of "wiki markup" on the page (i.e. code, but not quite as confusing as computer code). Be sure to remove any code that you don't end up using.

Topic page

If you have some experience with editing a wiki, you might like to use this method. It's usually a good idea to search for the topic first, in case it exists under a different name (and so that you find related pages for the "See also" section.)

(If you're not used to wiki markup, this will be confusing - follow the #Detailed instructions above instead!)

From the url bar

If you use Firefox or Opera as a web browser and often create pages on Appropedia, you can make it easier and quicker to start editing.

Right-click one of the boxes above, and create a keyword to "search" for the page title you want - but instead of a search, it will give you the editing box pre-filled and ready to start editing!

E.g. use "nt" as a keyword for the Topic page creation box, above. ("nt" is short for "new topic" so it's easy to remember).

User page

You may find it useful and helpful to create a user page first. See create a userpage for instructions on how to do that.