We want to set up a blog aggregator. Desired features:

  • Preferably be able to run multiple aggregated blogs off one installation.
  • Easy to set up and operate - even for someone who knows no coding and very little Linux command line. (this is a bit flexible)
  • The usual - lightweight, good-looking, reliable, open source...


  • I have some an aggregator toolkit I've written using Groovy, and use to run jphone.org and wwwatts.net, it's very easy. I could help set it up or help someone understand how to use it...
  • Feedjack - another Python program which aggregates blogs, based on the Django framework
  • Moonmoon - written in PHP; uses SimplePie.
  • Wordpress plugins:
  • FeedWordPress
  • wp-autoblog - this is hard to find (it was discontinued due to abuse by sploggers), but we may have access to it.
  • Wordpress RSS Aggregator (longshot - from 2004, and presented as a quick hack, so there are probably better ).
  • look up aggregator and planet in the plugin database.
  • Drupal has a core module to aggregate feeds, and there are several contributed Drupal modules that have different takes of the same idea.

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