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This article lists the AT factories of all of the AT-organizations, in order to facilitate cooperation between the AT-factories of the different AT-organizations.

List of locations[edit | edit source]

AT-organisation Number Factory location Factory type Full adress Website Current production activity
Codéart & ISF-IAI 1 Les Ateliers-Ecoles de Camp Perrin CNC factory Parc Artisanal, Boîte postale 183, Lévy, HT-8110 Les Cayes, Haïti (W.I.) Wheelbarrows, rice hullers, ?
Open source ecology 2 Factor E farm ? Missouri, USA tractors, ...
? ? ? ? ? ? ?

AT factory cooperations[edit | edit source]

Cooperating factories Type of exchange Parts exchanged
? ? ?
? ? ?

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POI list[edit source]

A list of the factories/villages (Placemarks) could also be made and published via google earth (in a kmz-file)

Other factories[edit source]

From memory, there's also... Xelateco in Guatemala, & MayaPedal (a cycle-power organization in Latin America). Practical Action might be a good source for more info. --Chriswaterguy 03:47, 20 July 2013 (PDT)

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