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OSNCamp 2008/OSNCamp Online

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OSNCamp 2008 is complete. See the Experiences‎, or check the main OSNCamp page.
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Maybe you can't come (finances, you think it's ironic to fly across the globe to a conference about sustainability, or you have a wedding to go to). But you can still follow what's happening, and even join in the conversations!


Register by listing your name at OSNCamp 2008/online participants.

You don't have to, but we'd all like to know who's here.Talked with Karyn and Patrick from SCI talked about the value collaboration and our vision, and how we might be able to serve them. In terms of the wiki, they seemed very happy to leave such decisions to Tom, and respected his knowledge and competence in that area.

Listen and watch[edit]

Streaming audio/video[edit]

We're hoping to have some streaming (using ustream?) but it depends on a few factors. Check back here and we hope that at least one room will be audiostreamed - possiby two rooms, and videostreamed if things go well. [1] = the "main meeting room" with projector. [2] = An overview of the room.

Podcasts & videocasts[edit]

We plan to do frequent uploads of podcasts and videocasts at (site? Link to page on OSN home site anyway.)

Take notes collaboratively in the Fire Room

You can help: If you're attending in person, bring your recording device (e.g. MP3 player or phone) and record the sessions you sit in on. This at least provides a backup - and if we don't get all the equipment we'd like, it may be the only copy!

You can help: Do you have reasonable audio and/or video equipment you can lend or use at the conference?

You can help: Do you have experience with streaming? Can you help us set up live audio and video streaming on the day?




The official event tag is osn and #osn for twitter. Please tag your tweets, blog posts etc. if you can.

Social Network / Attendees List[edit]

The OSNCamp social network is Global Swadeshi: - make a new profile.

This is an active site for discussion & connection around sustainability, appropriate technology, development, disaster relief and more.

Please make a profile with a nice clear picture so that people who want to follow up with you after the event can find you.

Global Swadeshi is designed for serious and productive conversation, knowledge-sharing and connections, not for the usual social networking games. (You won't get bitten by vampires or given virtual flowers, but you will probably be stimulated to think.)


The chat room will be "osn" on IRC.

Easy way[edit]

You can access this by:

IRC irc://

server: channel: osn

Chat: We plan an IRC channel for the conference: #osn on freenode.[1]

The backup channel is from OKFN, which is #okfn on

Slightly geeky instructions[edit]

  • Use the Chatzilla addon for Firefox
  • Use a program that supports IRC, e.g.:
    • For Linux: Pidgin Internet Messenger, XIRC, more...
    • Windows: HydraIRC, Nettalk, more...
    • Mac: Colloquy, Fire, LimeChat, more...

The IRC channels can be logged, usually client-side by one of the chat participants through preferences in their IRC client. It would be great to have a volunteer in each channel keep their computer/connection running all weekend to log the channel. Different topics could be covered in #osn-topicx, #osn-topicy, etc.

If you have a question that can't be answered another way, reach us on text chat or phone - if the unorganizers are there, they'll do their best to help:

  • gmail/google chat/: ...
  • Skype: chriswaterguy, Lqonny or...


  1. freenode is where you can find most chat channels for the open source and open content communities)
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