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CCAT kiosk

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main image
A screenshot of the CCAT kiosk.

This page contains the details on the CCAT kiosk.

Results are

Instruction for inclusion in the Kiosk[edit]

The purpose of this category are multifold:

  1. pages in this category inform visitors of which projects are still working
  2. pages in this category auto-populate the CCAT kiosk
  3. pages in this category may auto-populate a web accessible version of the kiosk.

The automatic inclusion of pages relies on a few standards:

  • Add [[Category:CCAT active project]] to the bottom of any active CCAT project page.
  • On any active CCAT project page, make sure that there is a section titled Overview. This content of that section is automatically included into the CCAT kiosk.
    • If there is no section titled Overview, it will look for one titled Abstract.
    • If there is neither a section titled Overview nor Abstract, the kiosk will automatically include the first paragraph from the page.
  • On any active CCAT project page, make sure that there is an image that contains alt=main image in the image code. See this example code:
[[file:CCATlogo.png|thumb|center|alt=main image|CCAT's logo]]
Which produces:
main image
CCAT's logo

Instructions for Operation and Maintenance instructions[edit]

To create an operation and maintenance manual for a CCAT project:

  1. Create a new page by adding /OM to the end of the CCAT page you are adding to... e.g. CCAT project/OM
  2. Click edit on this page CCAT/OM_project_instructions and copy and paste the code for there into your new OM page.
    • Please note that by following the template you cut and paste, the O&M content will auto-populate the kiosk is two different ways: 1) by autopopulating the OM link on each project; and 2) by auto-populating the OM overview on the kiosk that lists the daily, weekly, monthly, etc. tasks for all active projects.