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Call for Executive Director[edit]

Opportunity: Executive Director – The Appropedia Foundation

In April 2016, the Appropedia website will be celebrating its tenth anniversary. Appropedia has come very far over the last decade as it enabled people around the world to live richer, more sustainable lives. Thousands of unique and detailed articles on sustainable and appropriate technologies (edited over 300 thousand times by thousands of users in 8 languages) have been accessed 75,000,000 times. But Appropedia can go much further. And the Appropedia Foundation – which supports the development of the website and its community – is now looking for its first Executive Director to help it lead Appropedia to new horizons.

The Executive Director role will focus on: fundraising & growth; partnerships & development; and community & engagement. We are looking for someone inspiring, credible, resourceful and deeply committed to sustainability and international development. We are looking for someone who can represent and embody the ideas behind Appropedia, and the motivations of the community it draws together. We have lots of ideas and opportunities for the Executive Director to get their teeth into (and we are hoping you’ll bring some of your own), and we want someone who can be a prime mover in a new movement.

We aren’t looking for a programmer or web-developer; but we do need someone who is literate in Internet technologies. The Executive Director can be based anywhere in the world, but fluency in English (with a compelling and natural style) is essential.

Please get in touch with us at to request an application pack which will give you more information about Appropedia, the role and the application process.

-Lonny, Chris, Curt, Andrew & Kiva