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Towards sustainable economies US

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This article focuses on information specific to the United States. Please see our Towards sustainable economies page for a topic overview.


Legal resources[edit]


Data Commons Cooperative, membership is made up of mission-driven organizations that are organizing toward a more just and equitable economy.

Grassroots Economic Organizing



more video:

Green Jobs Day of Action in Washington DC, on youtube

News and comment[edit]


Basic income experiments: Silicon Valley’s Y Combinator Research has completed a feasibility study in Oakland, California, and is now finalizing the design of a randomized controlled trial (RCT) that is to involved 3,000 participants in two US states, Oct 19 [1]

Niki Okuk on Cooperative Economics in African-American Communities, Sep 20 [2]


California news: Bay Area Nonprofit Project Equity Transforms Businesses Into Worker-Owned Cooperatives, Apr 17 [3]

A view fo the Riverwalk from street level.jpg

Texas: Austin Council Votes to Boost Worker Cooperatives, Apr 18 [4]

Why AnyShare is the First 'Complete' Cooperative in the US, Mar 21 [5]

13feb17 nokxl dc.jpg

This Co-op Gives Formerly Incarcerated People Jobs and Community, Feb 1 [6]


Another World Emerging? Well, Maybe. Oct 15 [7]

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  2. Increasing Family Income and Wealth
  3. Stimulating Economic Development
  4. Improving Access to Quality Education
  5. Supporting Healthy Environments and Lifestyles W


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