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Roof-mounted photovoltaic rack system survey

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Rack system with link Manufacturer Application (Shingles, Tiles, Slate, Low-slope) No. roof attachments/module Cost Size module Cost per W Notes
Classic Composition Mount PV Quick Mount PV Ashphalt Shingled Roof 1 47.78 per mount printing flashing is probably not the best option but we can do bolt reinforced standoffs no problem.
Clear Anodized Rail (dead link) S:Flex Pitched Roofs 6 31.96
QBase Composition Mount Quick Mount PV Ashphalt Roof 4
Power Rail P6 Power Post Bracket PPB Power-FAB 5.85 per unit
CreoTecc - Cast Aluminum Roof Hooks AEE Solar Tiles 6 Might have to make each hook into 2 components
SnapNrack Universal roof mount kits AEE Solar
GF2 EcoFasten Solar Steep slope roofs, Composition shingle 2 plus bolts 15.22 per mount No flash
Eco-44 EcoFasten Solar Low sloped roof. Hot Tar, Membrane, or Built up roofing 33.03