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Powers of 10

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Below are names, symbols and examples for powers of ten (AKA powers of 10, factors of ten) at steps of 10^3 pertaining to the SI prefixes.

Multiplication Factor 10 E Prefix Symbol Examples at order of magnitude for Length (m) Examples at order of magnitude for Force (N) Examples at order of magnitude for Power (W) Others
1,000,000,000,000,000,000 18 exa E Diameter of a typical globular cluster
1,000,000,000,000,000 15 peta P 1/10 light-year Estimated heat flux transported by the Gulf Stream
1,000,000,000,000 12 tera T Orbital distance of Saturn from Sun Average electrical power for World
1,000,000,000 9 giga G Diameter of the Sun Average nuclear power plant
1,000,000 6 mega M Radius of Pluto Solar power plant
1,000 3 kilo k Longest span of Golden Gate Bridge (1.2 km) Full sun on 1 m2
1 0 3.28 feet Small LED flashlight
0.001 -3 milli m 12 point font period Line test for a telephone
0.000001 -6 micro μ diameter of small bacterium [micron] approximate consumption of a quartz wristwatch
0.000000001 -9 nano n diameter of Carbon nanotube (radius of DNA helix) output of a typical tissue cell
0.000000000001 -12 pico p wavelength of gamma rays average power consumption of a human cell
0.000000000000001 -15 femto f size of a proton
0.000000000000000001 -18 atto a upper limit for the size of quarks and electrons output of a myosin muscle motor

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