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Bjorn's ENGR242 3D adventure

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This is a web page for the Engineering 242s personal Appropedia project. Its goal is to document our experiences and progress as we accomplish the activities in this class. I for one, will be focusing on the open source side of things discussing the implications of this technology and the activity we do in class. I will also be sharing all source files of the projects I work on as well as discussions surrounding each one.


Why 3-D Printing? A recent report from data company Wanted Analytics found that in one month 35 percent of engineering job listings from a variety of fields, including biomedical, software, and transportation industries, required applicants familiar with 3-D printing.

Why Open Source?[edit]

Having personally helped open source projects come to life in the past I am no stranger to how they operate. However this is the first time I have been involved with a project as developed as the 3D printing community is. Most of my past contributions are community coding projects on *GitHub[1]. What attracts me to open source technologies is the ever evolving and entirely open-ness of them. You have the ability to see every part of a piece, rather than just the parts the developers want you to see. As a self declared Tinkerer, I love tearing something apart to view how ALL of it works, not just select parts.

What I plan on doing with my Jellybox printer is the class projects and doing research into cheaper alternatives to scientific gear for microscopes and telescopes. Later on once I build my own 3D printer I would love to delve into board game and miniature figurines.


The gear project 1.0
Gear.jpg This was my first print attempt, it turned our rather well. After calibrating my printer I loaded in this file and set it loose. file link:

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jellybox print time lapse

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