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Assembling the Full Belly Project Universal Nut Sheller rotor mold

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Instructions for Making
FBP Universal Nut Shellers
1. Introduction
2. Assembling the stator mold
3. Assembling the rotor mold
4. Mixing and pouring concrete
5. Removing parts from molds
6. Assembling shellers
7. Adjusting and testing shellers
8. Troubleshooting

Rotor Molds[edit]

The Rotor is the concrete piece that is cast around a central shaft. The rotor is the piece that turns inside the stator.

#6: Outer rotor mold (left), and #7: Inner rotor mold (right)
#6: Outer rotor mold, and
#8: rotor mold bolts

Grease the inner rotor mold.

Grease Inner Rotor Mold[edit]

Locate the Inner Rotor Mold (#7). Wipe the smooth exterior surface of the inner rotor mold with cooking grease or heavy oil. This ensures an easy release of the concrete from the mold.

Grease the outer rotor mold.

Grease Outer Rotor Mold[edit]

Locate the Outer Rotor Mold (#6). Wipe entire inner face of the outer rotor mold with cooking grease or heavy oil.

Mount four Rotor Rods on Outer Rotor Mold[edit]

FBPUNS mount 4 rotor rods 1.gif FBPUNS mount 4 rotor rods 2.gif FBPUNS mount 4 rotor rods 3.gif

Install Rotor Rods (#8's)with one nut (#15) and one washer (#14) on both sides of Outer Rotor Mold (#6). Each bolt sticks one finger width outside the mold.

#9: The Rotor Shaft.

Insert Rotor Shaft into Outer Rotor Mold[edit]

Insert the Rotor Shaft (#9) into the center hole of the Outer Rotor Mold (#6), threaded end first. The threaded end must be facing down, otherwise you will be unable to assemble your machine.

Assemble the stool[edit]

#21: Flange.
#20:Base, #19. Pipe, #22: Legs.

Assemble the stool by attaching legs (#22) to the base (#20). The flange (#21) must be on the same side as the legs, facing towards the ground. Next, screw the pipe (#19) into flange on the base.

Set Outer Rotor Mold on Stool[edit]

FBPUNS outer rotor on stool 1.gif FBPUNS outer rotor on stool 2.gif

Place the Outer Rotor Mold (#6) on the stool by sliding the threaded end of the Rotor Shaft (#9) into the hole in the center of the stool. The four bolts sticking out of the mold should drop into the four holes on the stool base.

Securing Outer Rotor Mold with Lock Nut[edit]

#19: Pipe, #9: Rotor Shaft, #10: Lock Nut.
FBPUNS secure outer rotor 2.gif

Spin the Lock Nut onto the threaded end of the Rotor Shaft and tighten by hand.

Put Inner Rotor Mold into Outer Rotor Mold[edit]

#6: Outer Rotor Mold, and #7: Inner Rotor Mold
FBPUNS inner into outer 2.gif

Slide the Inner Rotor Mold (#7) onto the Rotor Shaft.

#11: Wood Clamp

Pressing the Inner Rotor Mold (#7) tightly into the Outer Rotor mold (#6), slide the Wood Clamp (#11) onto the shaft and tighten.