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Using smart phones to improve building energy efficiency

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The application of smartphone technology to economic and environmental analysis of building energy conservation strategies

[edit] Abstract

This paper investigates the use of smartphone technology as a tool to implement building energy audit programs to increase energy conservation measure (ECM) uptake and concomitant environmental and economic benefits. The smartphone audit analyzed provides a energy audit platform with: i) quasi-real time analysis, ii) continuous user engagement, iii) geospatial customization, iv) additional ECMs, v) ECM ranking and user education, and vi) the ability to constantly evolve. A case study of 157,000 homes in Southeastern Ontario shows that 55 years is needed to complete energy audits for all dwellings in the region following a traditional energy audit model. However, the results of the smartphone based audit program accelerates this in both terms of audits completed and cumulative carbon dioxide savings over a sensitivity range of audit effectivenesses. It is concluded that an advanced and expanded home energy auditing program that uses smartphone technology could provide significant economic and environmental benefits.

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