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Mikko Lampi

About Me[edit]

Mikko Lampi
My work is to combine theoretical university research and 30 years of experience in the industry in creating products that can bypass competition and force them into catch up mode.

I have built a distributed measurement systems from component level, designing the circuit boards and embedded software and then programmed a neural networks based analysis system on top and created a database driven web interface that visualizes the measurements using modern standards.

Current projects revolve around measurement systems in large structures like bridges and looking into understanding corrosion monitoring and prevention.

Specialties: Embedded measurement systems, User interfaces, Data communications, Linux, Neural networks, Microcontrollers


  • Human computer interaction
  • Water purification, solar cooking and similar with tech that can be built and maintained in a rural village
  • Space in all it's forms


  • R&D Manager in Savcor for distributed measurement systems in bridges and buildings
  • Ex-member of the board of HeKe (Organization for Finnish inventors in Helsinki)
  • Ex-member of the board of TEP (Technology for Life. Solar cookers)
  • Model rocketry (No I am not a rocket scientist ... yet)