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[edit] Introduction

My name is Kristen Weschler. I am currently a junior at Clarion University where I am studying Rehabilitative Sciences with a concentration in Developmentally Disabled. I hope to graduate by Spring 2008 as planned, but taking a semester off was not the smartest choice for me!

[edit] Plans

After completing college, I plan on staying in Erie where I have been born and raised close to my family. My plans for myself include settling down with my husband, and starting a family in my late 20's. After raising my children, I am interested in moving to a small town with my husband, and having a house with land or ending up on the beach somewhere. As for now, I'll continue to work at Pizza Hut and make sure everyone has food to eat for lunch and dinner, haha.

[edit] Environment

Taking a look into the environment, I am mostly interested in how our electrical use inside our homes affects the environment that we reside in. I am also interested in finding out how our waste patterns will affect our earth by the time our generations kids have children of their own. I often wonder if we continue in the pattern we are with waste disposal, what will our world be like?

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