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Name: Himani Bharat
Degree: B.S., Home Science M.S., Development Communication and Extension

Interest in Social Entrepreneurship and/or Environment Issues[edit]

  • Growing up in rural areas of India and studying in agriculture university, I have a beautiful relation with environment and it always inspire me to work for the environmental issues which are going in the world. Environmental issues are becoming development issues of India and the world. So being a student of Development Communication, I have a zeal for working towards Environmental Issues and making the world a better place to live.
  • To make any developmental change sustainable, Social entrepreneurship within the community has become a need to work upon. My area of specialization and my interests motivates me to build a platform for Social Entrepreneurship and make it sustainable.

Experience in Social Entrepreneurship and/or Environment Issues[edit]

  • I have participated in different community engagement programs that were provided by my University where I had received my Bachelor's.

National Service Scheme: Worked as a volunteer for community welfare, worked with women and children in rural communities in India. Rural Awareness Work Experience: worked with rural communities targeting women to generate the idea of social entrepreneurship out of different aspects of Home Science e.g Stitching, Embroidery etc.

  • Experience#2

I am Currently a part of Rural Youth Volunteers in India. Awareness towards environmental issues is being spread in the community through community engagement and are building social entrepreneurship aspect in the community for sustainable development.