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Bharath Sadashivaiah
  • Graduate student in the Electrical and computer engineering department at Michigan technological university specializing in Image processing, mobile networks and embedded systems
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Computer/ Technical Skills: MATLAB | C | Python | R| SolidWorks | SPICE || TCP/IP || DSPA || Mobile networks |Network Security || MS Office || OpenSCAD

Project experience[edit]

Design and Development of a Digital Down converter for low power applications.[edit]

  • Designed a new architecture for NCO in DDC using CORDIC algorithm instead of LUT
  • Obtained area optimization results for FPGA which used a 10th of area that was previously required

Modeling of rechargeable battery for the use in underwater wireless sensor networks[edit]

  • Simulated different battery models to extend battery life of an underwater wireless sensor node
  • Enhanced the battery life of the wireless sensor node by performing task scheduling in accordance with KiBam

Optimization of Malicious Node Detection Algorithm in WSN based on Packet Drops and Interference[edit]

  • Enhanced the ETB algorithm to detect malicious nodes in a noisy environment.
  • Successfully Coordinated the team to obtain results in the span of 3 months.

Picture gallery[edit]

Picture Title Description
UP keychain.jpg First print from the Athena II This was the first print from the Athena II after the calibration was done.
DP.JPG Profile picture Seen in the background is the Athena II
Athena II.JPG Athenall II Athenall II 3D Printer is a typical MOST delta printer