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Interaction with the community members
Name: Arshiya Wadhwa
Degree: Pursuing PhD, Development Communication & Extension

Interest in Social Entrepreneurship and/or Environment Issues[edit]

  • My interest is centered on sustainable development through behavior change communication. Access to safe drinking water and a clean environment is everyone’s right. This involves spreading awareness and bridging the gap between awareness and practices in sustainable ways.
  • Social issues and environment issues go hand-in-hand. I hold great interest in making connections between the two; to make the sustainability aspect possible.
  • It interests me to work with the youth in the communities, to exchange ideas about addressing social and environmental issues.
  • There is massive presence of art, creativity, willingness and skills in many people in communities who are unable to sell their products and services in the market. I hold great interest in building capacities of these people through trainings and workshops that could teach them to sustain their livelihoods by getting connected to the markets.

Experience in Social Entrepreneurship and/or Environment Issues[edit]

  • Currently working as a team member of rural youth volunteers program, in an ongoing collaboration of Lady Irwin College, Delhi University, India; Humboldt State University, California, United States; Environmental and Social Research Organization; GVPS; and Centre for Environment Communication. It involves working with communities around issues of water and waste management, thereby generating entrepreneurial opportunities for the community members. It also targets awareness generation, building capacities, translating awareness to practices through behavior change communication, and encouraging sustainable actions.