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CASwiki news articles have a focus on news of community action for sustainability. This article is an offshoot from CASwiki's United States article and is for news and comment in that context.


‘Tomorrow’ reaches the US! Apr 24 [1]

Cities are taking a new approach to homelessness, Apr 4 [2]

Why Nonpartisan PAC EveryLibrary Defends the Future of Libraries, Feb 30 [3]

The Veterinary Cooperative Helps Independent Veterinarians Thrive, Feb 13 [4]


EPA Finally Concludes Fracking Pollutes Drinking Water, Dec 13 [5]

Walking Picks Up Speed, Nov 18 [6]

John HancockVoice: How Mining, Oil And Gas Workers Are Retraining For The Solar Economy, Nov 10 [7]

Public Food Forests on the Rise, Oct 24 [8]

3 American cities that use 100% renewable energy — and 7 that plan to join them within 20 years, Aug 13 [9]

Obama makes new push on solar power, Jul 19 [10]

How the humble bicycle is making a comeback in US cities, Jul 14 [11]

The hot new trend in American infrastructure: Unpaved roads, Jul 12 [12]

Walking Makes Strides in All Kinds of Communities, Jul 6 [13]

Meet the Citizens Who Helped Decide Their City’s Budget—and Got Better Buses, Benches, and Crosswalks. Greensboro, North Carolina, is the first Southern city to give citizens direct control over a slice of public spending. May 20 [14]

Want to Hire a Worker-Owned Co-op? There’s an App for That, Apr 20 [15] Coopify wants to bring a sense of community to the app-based booking world by connecting worker-owned cooperatives and other low-income task workers directly with consumers.

Website Seeks to Make Government Data Easier to Sift Through, Apr 4 [16]

A new study looks at why bike share is so much safer than regular biking, Apr 3 [17]

“Solar Spring Break” Connects Students with Clean Power In Underserved Communities, Feb 29 [18]

A New Advocacy Group Is Lobbying for the Right to Repair Everything, Feb 2 [19]


Six Foundations for Building Community Resilience [20]

The Movement to Make Every American Community Walkable, November 13 [21]

Communities Pushing For Legal Rights To Regain Power Over Fracking Companies, October 21 [22]

How the decline of cars changes cities for the better, October 16 [23]

If the U.S. government treated poor people as well as it treats banks, October 15 [24]

Streets and Sidewalks Should Be Used to Improve Our Health, September 23 [25]

Land Trusts Offer Houses That People With Lower Incomes Can Afford—And a Stepping Stone to Lasting Wealth, September 21 [26]

Free Transit Attracts Riders, Helps Communities in More Ways Than One, September 16 [27]

A Third American City Is Now Running Entirely On Renewable Energy, September 14 [28]

Developers Build Walkable Neighborhoods With Focus on Community Wealth, September 2 [29]

5 New American Rail-Trails, Jul 27 [30]

Iowa's Stunning Admission: We Need Fewer Roads, July 8 [31]

Administration Announces New Initiative to Increase Solar Access for All Americans, July 7 [32]

With driving down, there's a growing backlash against unnecessary highways, June 9 [33]

Up to 90 percent of Americans could be fed entirely by local agriculture, June 2 [34]

These American cities are fighting for control over electricity and the internet, April 21 [35]

The Crackdown on Little Free Library Book Exchanges, February 20 [36]


Zero Vision: A plan to make our roads safe, August 14 [37]

Supreme Court Decision on Cross-State Air Pollution Is a Major Victory for Public Health Tuesday, April 29 [38]


Welcome to Commonomics: How to Build Local Economies Strong Enough for Everyone, October 4 [39]


An Interconnected Park Web: How Greenways Create Healthy Communities, January 31 [40]


Designing for Democracy Consultation using a wiki, December 8 [41]



Small Towns Can Be Resilient, Too, Mar 29 [42]

TAG Climate Protest Future.jpg

Climate action USA: This climate lawsuit could change everything. No wonder the Trump administration doesn't want it going to trial, Mar 9 [43]

Can a New Town Square Bridge the Electoral Divide? Feb 27 [44]

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