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Talk:Delta Build Overview:MOST

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Instruction Improvements[edit]

  • calibration instructions
  • adjusting limit switches
  • washer reminder
  • bolt tight for motors
  • square bit too small (tolerance/size issue)
  • bolt stencil -- or redesign to use all the same
  • reminder to download the firmware -- needs to be at place just not front
  • screwdriver slightly too big for board adjustments
  • fix handle tolerance or put in set screw
  • add spacula scraper
  • glue to kit
  • handle for allen wrench
  • details for IDE version
  • end effector tolerances for magnets
  • mac instructions need improved
  • consider moving away from repetier host
  • color order for wires so can do instructions b/W
  • missing 2 shorter screws (part list has 2 instruction 4)

More Videos[edit]

  • calibration of bed

Delta Improvements[edit]

  • auto bed leveling
  • more flexibility on board - back to arduino ramps or similar
  • declogging method
  • sensing filament fail to kill job
  • auto pause for errors
  • improve Bowden cable
  • less parts that need deformed for screw
  • less parts
  • faster build time
  • better way to mount fan
  • less screw sizes
  • robust power supply
  • locking washers
  • on/off switch
  • tool drawer
  • higher resolution printed parts
  • lower costs

Most frustrating[edit]

  • software 5
  • tools size 11
  • calibration 14

Need access to makerspace