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Talk:Camp Danger Hexayurt Hinge Technique

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Black image (?)[edit]

The image on the top of the page renders fine in Mobile Safari, (iPhone) --->Yeah, the black images of doom. They have all been fixed. They weren't playing nicely with safari for a while.

triangle base length wrong?[edit]

In the "tape seal certain edges" section, it says that the "base" of the triangle is 2' long; it even shows it as such in the drawing. This is clearly wrong as the 4x8 panels are cut diagonally across, so the base would still be 4', not 2' long. Can someone confirm this is a mistake in the instructions, or did I miss something?---> no, Julie just can't count. Thanks for the heads up!

Thanks for the guide!![edit]

Hey all, I used your guide to put my yurt together over the weekend. I've got pics up here:

Thanks for the awesome guide my yurt is already way better than last year!



Inside angles of roof and lower section? Have you ever measured the inside angle where the bottom sections meet, so a proper internal brace could be cut with the necessary angles on them. And the same for the roof panels. and the junction where the two meet. I am considering building a yurt with OSB, and I would want to cover it with FerroCrete. Hence I'd be interested in the internal angles to help with support so the weight of the FerroCrete wouldn't collapse the roof while it is being mudded. I am thinking that a center pole would be necessary even after mudding, to allow for a chimney.


Waterproofing roof cone text unclear[edit]

I just made some improvements to the Tape together roof halves section, but I did not understand the waterproofing section. Could somebody with more yurt experience review this? I don’t understand why the tight hinges would cause a rain problem and the wide hinges would not. It seems to me both should be waterproof if they have tape across the hinge on both sides! Then, the suggestion to tape over with 3" tape while the roof halves are flat on the ground implies you would likely destroy the hinge when cutting this tape in preparation for storing the yurt.