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Initiatives by topic[edit]

Community currencies activism[edit]

Une monnaie pour Paris !

Community involvement[edit] - co-construisons-paris, « Madame la maire, j'ai une idée »

Cycling activism[edit]

Paris en Selle, L'association qui met du vélo dans Paris

Vélib website - (Wikipedia)

Wikipedia: Cycling in Paris

Environment quality[edit]

Airparif, non-profit accredited by the Ministry of Environment to monitor the air quality in Paris and in the Ile de France region (the capital city region).

Food activism[edit]

Jardins partagés, - V’île Fertile

Open spaces[edit]

Wikipedia: List of parks and gardens in Paris, Promenade plantée or the Coulée verte (French for green course) is a 4.7 km (2.9 mi) elevated linear park built on top of obsolete railway infrastructure in the 12th arrondissement. It was inaugurated in 1993.

Reduce, reuse, repair and recycle[edit]

La REcyclerie

Sustainable transport activism[edit]

Wikipedia: Paris, Public transportation


Paris contains a much more contiguously walkable structure than both New York City and London [1]

Urban sustainability[edit]

A car-free day in Paris

atelier d’architecture autogérée / studio for self-managed architecture (aaa) is a collective platform which conducts explorations, actions and research concerning urban mutations and cultural, social and political emerging practices in the contemporary city.

aaa acts through ‘urban tactics’, encouraging the participation of inhabitants at the self-management of disused urban spaces, overpassing contradictions and stereotypes by proposing nomad and reversible projectsf, initiating interstitial practices which explore the potential of contemporary city ( in terms of population, mobility, temporality).

It is by micro-political acting that we want to participate in making the city more ecological and more democratic, to make the space of proximity less dependent on top-down processes and more accessible to its users. The ‘self-managed architecture’ is an architecture of relationships, processes and agencies of persons, desires, skills and know-hows. Such an architecture does not correspond to a liberal practice but asks for new forms of association and collaboration, based on exchange and reciprocity and involving all those interested (individuals, organisations, institutions), whatever is their scale.

Our architecture is at the same time political and poetic as it aims above all to ‘create relationships between worlds’.



September 27, A Day Without Cars in Paris! [2]

News and comment[edit]


Paris boosts cycling infrastructure, names 2017 'year of the bike', Jan 8 [3]

Paris has a watery dream of swimming in the Seine – but can the planners take the plunge? Jan 6 [4]


Pollution: Paris makes public transport free for second day, Dec 7 [5]

Paris Navigating Gym, Nov 29 [6]

Félicitations Madame Mayor: participatory budgeting in Paris hits new highs, Oct 17 [7]

Paris allows anyone to plant an urban garden, Oct 10 [8]

A Pedestrian-Only Future for the Seine, Sep 27 [9]

Paris: Une coopérative de livreurs à vélo pour lutter contre l'uberisation du secteur?, Sep 26 [10]

Paris is banning traffic from half the city. Why can’t London have a car-free day? Sep 22 [11]

Une monnaie locale à Paris, pour quoi faire ? Aug 29 [12]

Why Paris Is Building Highways for Bikes, Jul 1 [13]

Paris Shops Are Marking Their Windows for the Homeless, Jun 1 [14]

How Paris is stepping up its drive against the car, May 2 [15]

The Most Famous Public Squares in Paris Get a Pedestrian-Friendly Makeover, Apr 1 [16]

An evening at La Recyclerie, Mar 9 [17]

Paris is leading the world in progressive urbanism – here's how, Mar 4 [18]


All-blue skies in Paris as city centre goes car-free for first time, September 27 [19]

Right-minded Paris mayor plans more pedestrianisation along the Seine, May 6 [20]

Paris is getting two cycling superhighways and 700km of new bike lanes! Apr 7 [21]

Paris launches the General Assembly on the Circular Economy of Greater Paris, March 11 [22]

Paris, edible city? February 5 [23]

Silent, tree-shaped wind turbines to debut in Paris, Jan 4 [24]


Parisians have their say on city’s first €20m ‘participatory budget’, October 8 [25]

Paris extends its bikeshare program to kids, July 2 [26]

Parisians start food waste programme, April 16 [27]

Paris bans cars, makes transit free to fight air pollution, March 17 [28]


Reclaiming Paris's River Seine quayside, [29] October 15


Paris to return Seine to the people with car-free riverside plan, City mayor behind Paris Plages wins fight to pedestrianise large sections of 1960s expressway on left and right bank, Angelique Chrisafis, August 2 [30]


MIT Student Remaps Paris Based on Travel Time & Carbon Footprint, [31] August 23

Paris to Launch the World’s First Municipal Electric Vehicle Hire Scheme, [32] June 9


Paris embraces plan to become city of bikes, [33] March 23


Citizens data initiative[edit]

Open Data Paris


Interwiki links[edit]

Wikipedia: Paris


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