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Justing Habaybeh is a self-made man, his skills, and interest towards automotive technology made him the CEO of Carkera. In the beginning career, he faced so many obstacles towards the way of reaching his goals but due to his hard work and passion he became the CEO of Carkera and he is all set to achieve his future goals. Justin Andrew Habaybeh is a Canadian who is living with his family from past many years. He is known among people because of his kind nature. His Company Carkera formerly known as Auto scrub provides customized cars for their clients, it focuses on exterior and interior detailing of cars and Carkera is one of the leading companies in its niche. The company provides supreme services at affordable price. Justin Habaybeh’s company Carkera is situated in Pickering, Ontario. Justin Habaybeh offers amazing deals to the clients like heavy volume discounts, free pick-up & drop-off which are pretty handy and economical for the people. Justin Habaybeh is a creative man and surely be the upcoming star in his profession. Maha Teresa Habaybeh is the mother of Justin Habaybeh and she is the great lady because of her honest nature, Justin Andrew habaybeh considers his mother Maha Teresa habaybeh his inspiration.

Peter Habaybeh is an honest Canadian he lives in Toronto, Ontario since his childhood. He is a fun loving guy with a golden heart. He did his schooling from George S. Henry Academy which is one of the best schools in Canada. Peter Habaybeh is an instructor at Xcite life. During the initial stage of his career, he faced many problems but he came up as a warrior and got the success. He always believes that helping others is real happiness. He is a positive guy and he always tries to make everyone happy who are around him. He is working with his sister Maha Teresa Habaybeh who has supported him in each & every stage of his life. His Company Xcite life creates a family like atmosphere where people can explore different fun loving things and get an amazing experience. Xcite life gives opportunity to make new friends and provides inspirations to live an awesome life and become the best version of you. We try to give out our best of the experiences to our customers who come from various places and makes our day to see them happy like Cindy said, we discovered Stand Up Paddle boarding last week and it’s the best thing ever.”- Peter Habaybeh

Maha Teresa Habaybeh is a woman with full of dreams and positive vibes. She is an inspiration for many women, she is the director of Operation at Xcite life & she is known for her kind nature. She is working with her brother Peter Habaybeh at Xcite life. She wants to change the perception of women towards fitness, fashion, beauty, and wellness to make them feel stronger, liberal and better about themselves. She is a Canadian woman living with her family from past years. She is a brilliant entrepreneur with many innovative ideas. She is always ready to support any woman who needs help that is why is a real feminist, apart from feminism she loves dogs according to her we should learn loyalty from dogs. Maha Teresa Habaybeh is graduated from Durham College and after that, she started her way to become the director of Operation at Xcite life. Her son Justin Andrew is the CEO of Carkera. He considers his mother Maha Teresa Habaybeh his inspiration. She also supported her brother Peter Habaybeh in every stage of life and now they both are doing pretty well with Xcite life. Well, Maha Teresa Habaybeh inspires her family as well as so many Canadian women who want to achieve something in their lives.