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Belgium: A dazzlingly delicious taste of the future in Liége, Mar 27 [1]


Crowds shopping at Borough market, south London - - 1522109.jpg

Food London: Meet London’s first 50 Urban Food Heroes using food for good, Mar 19 [2]

Allotments - Sheffield.jpg

Food UK: UK farmers to be given first ever targets on soil health, Mar 13 [3]


Autumn central massachusetts.jpg

Massachusetts: Check Out This Seed Library in Boston and Learn How to Start Your Own, Nov 27 [4]

Brisbane River Walk.JPG

Grow Free Improves Food Access in Australia, One Cart at a Time, Sep 11 [5]

Madrid Shared Space.jpg

What a city in Spain learned from Sweden about promoting local food and healthier eating, Jul 21 [6]

Riverside Park 693.jpg

In Flint Neighborhood, Vacant Lots Will Soon Bear Fruit, Jul 20 [7]


Hungary: Soil that connects us, Jul 18 [8]

Central Park New York City1.jpg

New York City: A Forest Floats on the Bronx River, With Free Produce, Jul 7 [9]

Place Royale et le Funiculaire (au fond), Québec, QC, Canada.jpg

Canada: 7 Inspiring Ways Canadians Are Sharing to Tackle Food Insecurity, Jun 28 [10]

Allotments - Sheffield.jpg

Food UK: ‘A People’s Food Policy’ - a comprehensive proposal for a more just and sustainable food system in England, Jun 26 [11]

Römerberg houses on the west side.jpg

Germany: German Nonprofit Creates New Open-Source License for Seeds, May 22 [12]

'For Seed Rebels, Saving Life’s Building Blocks Has New Urgency' via Civil Eats, Apr 17 [13]

2009 BrooksPark SanFrancisco 3899032980.jpg

Food USA: The Fine-Dining Soup Kitchens Fighting Food Waste and Loneliness, Apr 11 [14]

Cameroon - forests.jpg

Cameroon: Better World Cameroon: Permaculture—The African Way, Mar 23 [15]


France: L’Atelier Paysan is a French cooperative that works with farmers to design machines and buildings adapted to the specific practices of small farm agroecology, Mar 17 [16]

Middelgrunden wind farm 2009.jpg

Denmark: How one woman is winning the fight against food waste, Feb 27 [17]

Allotments - Sheffield.jpg

Food UK: Britain’s new wave of militant grocers, Sarah Butler, Feb 26 [18]

Harmony Flats Nature Reserve - city of Cape Town.jpg

Urban farming produces more than food: social networks are a key spinoff, Feb 9 [19]


How 'Open Source' Seed Producers from the US to India are Changing Global Food Production, Dec 12 [20]

SHARECITY100: Exploring Food Sharing in 100 Cities, Oct 25 [21]

Sf cable car.jpg

Public Food Forests on the Rise, Oct 24 [22]

The EU wants to block Romania's 51% local food shift. Who cares? Jul 14 [23]

"G7 Niigata Agriculture Ministers' Meeting Declaration" on food security and sustainable agriculture, April 24 [24]

Harnessing the power of evolution in participatory seed breeding, Feb 29 [25]

This map of free food around the globe will help you harvest your local landscape, Feb 20 [26]


Food at COP21: three new initiatives spotlight food insecurity, soils, waste, December 4 [27]

Opinion: Health and biodiversity restored? How farming can rediscover its long-lost roots, November 16. [28]

Seaweed is a culinary win-win-win, so why aren't we all eating it? November 13 [29]

Geoff Lawton on food, fairness and permaculture design. September 15 [30]

Slow Farming Tools, August 3 [31]

Food is a public good, April [32]

Pedal power farm hack: report from the feild, March 31 [33]

How the Icelandic Goats From 'Game of Thrones' Almost Went Extinct, February 11 [34]


Open Sauce / Source for the Food Revolution, November 19 [35]

"A movement of practitioners is emerging who are applying Open Source philosophy to food systems work. Our goal in this article is to recognize the power of this fledgling movement and to highlight some of the people and organizations who are using Open Source for food."

Discovering an Oasis in the American Desert,Oct 11 [36]

Growing the Open Food Revolution, July 16 [37]

The open food movement has been developing at a pace in recent months through projects like the Australian-based Open Food Network, a free and open source project aimed at supporting diverse food enterprises and making it easy to access local sustainable food.
Founders Kirsten Larsen and Serenity Hill reflect on their recent experience of OuiShare Fest 2014 and the open food revolution they are enabling through free software.

101 Facts That Should Make You Hopeful About the Future of Food, June 12 [38]

12 Agrihoods Taking Farm-to-table Living Mainstream, May 14 [39]

Finally: Open Source Broccoli and Kale, April 20 [40]

Regional Food Commons as a Systemic Answer, March 18 [41]


UN Report Says Small-Scale Organic Farming Only Way To Feed The World, Dec 17 [42]


10 Steps Toward an Incredible Edible Town, Dec 3

Does Your Community Need a Public Greenhouse? February 12 [43]


It’s Not a Fairytale: Seattle to Build Nation’s First Food Forest, [44]

Farmers' market, Stroud.jpg

CASwiki news articles have a focus on news of community action for sustainability. This article is an offshoot from Food activism and is for news and comment in that global or international context.



How this CSA started by a chemistry teacher may be the future of local agriculture, Feb 27 [45]


Seeing and using our own resources, Feb 26 [46]

Allotments - Sheffield.jpg

Food UK: The true cost of food: what should we do about it? Feb 19 [47]



How Food Assembly Created a Sustainable, Community-driven Food Sharing System in Europe, Aug 1 [48]

Why the Open Access Movement in Agriculture Matters, Jun 12 [49]

As Climate Change Threatens Food Supplies, Seed Saving is an Ancient Act of Resilience, Jun 8 [50]

Ballard Farmers' Market - vegetables.jpg

Patterns of Commoning: Farm Hack: A Commons for Agricultural Innovation, May 15 [51]

Place Royale et le Funiculaire (au fond), Québec, QC, Canada.jpg

Canada: A How-To Manual For Growing A Community, Mar 20 [52]

2009 BrooksPark SanFrancisco 3899032980.jpg

What Would a Community-Owned Food System Look Like? Mar 6 [53]

3 Collaborative Approaches to Sustainable Agriculture, Jan 26 [54]


Free the Seeds! 9 Ways to Power Up the Seed Movement, Dec 23 [55]

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