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This article focuses on information specific to the United Kingdom. Please see our Environment quality page for a topic overview.

Environmental inequality in the United Kingdom[edit]

UK environmental inequalities refers to the way in which the quality of the environment differs between different communities in the UK.

Examples of environmental inequalities in the UK include: Access to parks, green spaces and the natural environment; Exposure to flood risk; Air pollution; Exposure to harmful chemicals; Transport-related problems and Proximity to waste and landfill sites.

Responses to UK environmental inequalities have included NGO's, academia and government. W


Pesticide-free towns and cities,

UK Noise Association


Apps for sustainability[edit]

FixMyStreet - LitterGram

Citizens data initiative[edit]

UK AIR, air quality information resource, Defra


How clean is the air where you are?

NightBlight, CPRE

UK Ambient Air Quality Interactive Map, Defra UK, government site

What's in Your Backyard? Local and national environmental data from the Environment Agency


News and comment[edit]


UK government sued for third time over deadly air pollution, Nov 7 [1]

Pollution is killing 50,000 people in the UK every year, Oct 20 [2]

ClientEarth threatens UK with legal action as councils miss air pollution targets, Oct 19 [3]

UK citizens are taking air pollution monitoring into their own hands, Sep 1 [4]

College Green, Bristol - - 1586540.jpg

Bristol news: Bristol’s rubbish heroes, Jun 22 [5]


London news: Mayor plans to introduce Ultra Low Emission Zone in April 2019, Apr 4 [6]


Cars don’t just choke our children – they tear a hole in our communities, George Monbiot, Nov 8 [7]


Smoke and Mirrors, September 22 [8]


UK admits that air quality targets will be missed by 20 years, July 10 [9]

How the smog in Nottingham became worse than Beijing – and David Cameron made up a lot of unscientific nonsense, April 4 [10]




September 18 - 21 Beachwatch

May 18 - 23 Noise Action Week

Shell Bay -

April 24 - 30 Big Beach Clean-up
Marine Conservation Society

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