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== About Me ==
== About Me ==
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*Rockwall Project
*Rockwall Project
==Celtic Mashup Project==
==Celtic Mashup Project==
[http://www.appropedia.org/3D_printing_projects Celtic Outlet Cover]
[http://www.appropedia.org/3D_printing_projects Celtic Outlet Cover]
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[[Image:Celtic Mashup.JPG|thumb|left|.]]
[[Image:Celtic Mashup.JPG|thumb|right|.]]
== OSAT Project ==
== OSAT Project ==

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About Me

I am a mechanical engineering student at Michigan Technological University. I am currently enrolled in the MY4777 open source 3D printing course.


3D printing
Enjoying the Outdoors


GE Aviation-Aftermarket aircraft engine engineering
John Deere-Transmissions continuous improvement
Marathon Petroleum-Maintenance Engineering
Ford Motor Company-Facilities Engineering
Asahi Kasei Plastics-Process Engineering

Current Projects

  • Most Delta
Part of MY4777 was the assembly of a MOST delta printer. My printer is currently assembled and working!
  • Rockwall Project

Celtic Mashup Project

Celtic Outlet Cover


OSAT Project

Open Source Field Dressing Tool