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Felipe Schenone
Felipe Schenone.jpg
Me in 2020
Affiliations Appropedia Foundation
Location Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nationality Argentina
Languages Spanish
Skills PHP
Interests Wikis
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Hi! My name is Felipe, I'm a freelance web developer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, specialized in MediaWiki and currently working for the Appropedia Foundation to improve Appropedia. If I made a mistake somewhere, please be cool, let me know and I'll fix it asap, thanks!

Site sustainability tips[edit | edit source]

  • Actively avoid complexity and strive towards simplicity
    • Merge related pages to have fewer, better ones
    • Use meta-templates to reduce templates
  • Prefer well-supported extensions, especially Wikimedia-supported ones
  • Keep MediaWiki updated and never modify the source code
  • Convention over configuration and sensible defaults
  • Use modern web standards and structured data for rich results

Time-tracking[edit | edit source]